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's largest producer and consumer of steel and coal, but gluts can have i◆mplications such as depressed commodity and materials prices, reduced profits of debt-ridden firms,◆ and increased non-performing loans that jeopardize financial stability. While capacity cuts are n◆ecessary and have long-term benefits for the economy, the process has not been without challenges. ◆ Capital-intensive industries present potential invesE

tment, taxation and jobs for local governments◆, which in at least two cases broke capac0

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ity-cutting rules set by the central government. Huada St◆eel in eastern China's Jiangsu Province and Anfeng Steel in northM

ern China's Hebei Province were id◆entified by authorities in December for violating capacity reduction efforts in the sectS

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or with "ex◆tremely bad influence." Thanks in part to the efforts, China's broader economic growth has showed ◆increasing 6

signs of stabilizing since the latter half of last year, with indicators such as factory◆ prices and industrial profits seek

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ing significant improvements. "Overall, the negative impact on g◆rowth and employment is manageable," wrote UBS economist WN

ang Tao in a note on excess capacity. ZO◆MBIE ENTERPRISES NEXT One key initiative in excess capacity reductions is to shut p

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down "zombie com◆panies," which are loss-making, debt-laden, and dependent on government subsidies or bank loans. "◆We wilD

l strictly enforce all laws, regulations and standards on environmental protection, energy co◆nsumption, quality, and safetS

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y and make more use of market- and law-based methods as we work to add◆ress the problems of 'zombie enterprises'," said the premier in the government work report. For wo◆rkers laid off because of capacity cuts, the central and local governments will allocate special fu◆nds and take measures to ensure they find new jobs, Li said. CHANGSHA, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- Nine peoplD

e have been killed● in an explosion in a coal mine in central China's Hunan ●Province. The entrance of Zubao Coal Mine where a blas●t occurred is seen in Lianyuan City, central China's Huna●n Province, Feb. 14, 2017. At least eight people were con●firmed dead after the blast hit the coal mine at 1:37 a.m●, local authorities said on Tuesday. (Xinhua/Li Ga) The ●blap

st occurred at 1:37 a.m. Tuesday at Zubao Coal Mine in● Lianyuan City, authorities said.A total of 29 people wer●e working underground, 16 of whom managed to escape from ●the shaft. Another four were rescued.Three injured miners

?are being treated in hospital and described as stable.Wo●rk is continuing to retrieve the bodies of three victims ●in the flooded shaft.The licensed coal mine with an annua●l production capacity of 90,000 tonnes is owned by Tenn

gfe●i Coal Mine Co. Ltd.The Beijing city government has ordered an immediate restart to coal-fueled generators to ●ease the shortage of liquefied natural gas in northern China. In a notice released on Th●ursday but only widely puE

blicized on Saturday, the capital's City Management Commission c●onfirmed that the National Development and Reform Commission, the top economic planner, h●ad ordered a restart of coal-fueled generators to reduce LNG consumption, C1

aixin magazine● reported. Three major power plants in Beijing confirmed that they had received the noti●ce, Caixin reported. To cut concentrations of PM2.5-hazardous fine particulate matter w●ith a diameter of 2.5 microns or lesF

s-28 cities including Beijing, Tianjin and cities in● Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong and Henan provinces were to use electricity or gas for heating t●his winter, instead of coal, which is considered the main cause of the lingering winteu

r s●mog. However, as the heating season began, some people in these areas found their homes ●and schools freezing, mainly due to LNG shortages. The Ministry of Environmental Protect●ion has told authorities to "ensure a warm wint2

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er" for the public rather than delay heati●ng supplies in some northern areas due to natural gas shortages or unfinished projects. ●Areas that have not yet completed conversion projects to replace coal with gas or electri●c heating can use coal or any other available measures, the ministry said in a circular r●eleased on Thursday. The China Huaneng power plant in eastM


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